Book Proposals for Microhistories

New Routledge Book Series

Routledge are currently seeking book proposals for an exciting new book series entitled Microhistories. The editors – Sigurður Gylfi Magnússon Professor of Cultural History at the University of Iceland and István M. Szijártó Associate Professor at Eötvös University, Budapest  – aim to attract authors whose interests and source material concern either the medieval, early modern or modern world. The target audience will comprise academics, undergraduate and postgraduate students. As higher education courses in History are increasingly taught over a wide chronological span, we aim to meet the demand for a more focused perspective than many current works allow.

The book series Microhistories should be first of all open to books employing different microhistorical approaches. Global microhistories aimed at grasping world-wide connections in local research, or social history trying to find determining historical structures through a micro-analysis and cultural history in the form of microhistories that relate directly to large or small scale historical contexts are equally welcome. We would also publish interesting stories, bringing the everyday life and culture of common people of the past close to the readers without the aspiration of finding answers to general “big questions” or relating them to the grand narratives of history. In other worlds, we plan to have the quality of the manuscript deciding its fate. Also, we would like to keep the option open to publish both theoretical and empirical works. It is, indeed, often hard to separate the two, especially in microhistory. However, our main focus will be on empirical monographs which are likely to communicate stories from the past which will capture the imagination of our readers. We are keen to expand the geographical scope to non-European works or those which cross territorial boundaries. Any scholar who wish to contribute to the series will be asked to make sure that they address important issues that can be researched with the methods of microhistory.

For more information about the series and the proposal process, please contact the series editors, Sigurður Gylfi Magnússon ( and István M. Szijártó (

The members of the editorial board are the following scholars: Andrew Bergerson, Simona Cerutti, Chuanfei Chin, Dagmar Freist, Carlo Ginzburg, Binne de Haan, Karl Jacoby, Giovanni Levi, Edward Muir, Matti Peltonen, Hans Renders, Jacques Revel, and Dana Sajdi.