Bulletin June 2017

Budapest, 11 June 2017

Dear Colleagues,

First, I would like to welcome the colleagues who joined the Microhistory Network in 2016. By now, the number of members is 104 from 26 countries in the world.

I would like to inform you that after the closing of an international project Working out the curriculum of a joint MA programme ’Microhistory’, financed by the Tempus Public Foundation of Hungary, with the participation of Eötvös University, Budapest, Volda University College, Norway, the University of Iceland and the Reykjavík Academy (2014–2016), some of the former participants are looking for partner institutions for the launching of an international MA programme in Microhistory. Those interested please contact Sigurður Gylfi Magnússon (sgm@hi.is) or István Szijártó (szijarto@elte.hu).

I suggest that you consult the renewed homepage of Microhistory Network with information on some recent events as well as publications and also videos about microhistory. Maybe you also want to inform your colleagues about your professional activities in connection with microhistory, as well as your publications, forthcoming events. You may also want to update your own personal pages.

With best wishes

István Szijártó

coordinator szijarto@elte.hu

Microhistory Network http://www.microhistory.eu